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The Aggie Parent Networks Mission is to enrich the educational experience for our students as well as support the teachers and administration of our school. We work together to achieve the following objectives:

  • To promote the welfare of children in home, school and community.

  • To enrich the educational experience for our children.

  • To bring into closer relations, the home and school that parents and teachers cooperate freely in the education of children

  • To support the teachers and staff of the school.

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2014 Important Dates


Saturday November 15 

Annual Craft Fair 9 am - 3 pm



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Your First Day Back to the Aggie is approaching!




Monthly Meetings

All are Welcome! Monthly Meetings are held each month in the School Library 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm. 

This is a great opportunity to find out what the parents are doing for the Aggie.

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